A Journey to Wellness

We all strive for health and wellness in order to improve our crazy lives.  As a single mother of three teenagers, and a full-time elementary education student, I know all too well the challenge of implementing a healthy lifestyle necessary for a balanced life. I’m not an expert, but enjoy sharing all that I learn within the chaos. Topics within this new blogging endeavor will include all the dimensions of wellness- not just exercise, health, and nutrition. Social, emotional, spiritual, occupational, and intellectual wellness are all very important pieces to life’s puzzle that we often neglect. I am excited to learn along-side with you as a friend. Perhaps, something I share will trigger new ideas or potential helpful methods for you! 

For starters, if I never made lists, I would be very lost in this world! It seems there’s always one thing more that screams for my attention, keeping me from a hike in the mountains- my preferred form of exercise. Keeping fit is important to me, and I refuse to fall into the trap of making excuses for why I cannot exercise. I even told myself in the past that since I am an “outdoors” kind of girl with no time for a hike, that I wasn’t going to exercise at all. I had to accept being in a different [busier] season of life with finishing school and having teens, and embrace the gym instead (said with a grimace)! If I didn’t have the YMCA to visit, I would definitely fail to “find time” for any exercise at all. And … using exercise equipment is not all that bad. 

Image result for YMCA images

If you are concerned about being able to afford a YMCA membership, the Y offers financial assistance for families or single parent families who qualify. You can visit your local Y’s website for more specific details.

The first step in making time for physical fitness interests and desires need to be considered before sketching work out goals. I say “sketching”, because individuals need flexibility while discovering what works for them. Perhaps, when first creating work out goals, I want to try running around the block or on the treadmill, and find that I dislike running. I might admire another person’s running goals and try to adopt their routine, but if I am struggling to enjoy myself the entire time, it’s worth seeking something different. I would need to anticipate returning to it several times a week. Working out is difficult enough, so find something you love!  

The second step in making time for fitness, is to alternate building muscle with aerobic exercise. If you have already chosen workouts you enjoy, this will flow smoothly together after awhile. I work out about thirty minutes on equipment (which may include walking on a treadmill- ha!), and then enjoy a fitness class at the YMCA, including yoga or Zumba. Actually, one day I workout on equipment, and another day is the group exercise. I am a big fan of group exercise even though I enjoy solo fitness hikes in the mountains. I can’t explain this interesting personality contradiction, but at least I know what motivates me!  🙂

One of my favorite places to exercise! Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs

Once you know what motivates you, create a baseline fitness routine- the bare minimum of what can be completed on a difficult day. We all have fluctuating motivation when it comes to working out, because every day is different. If you have a baseline plan to follow, then you won’t feel guilty when you don’t feel like tackling the extra methods you intended to try. My baseline is what I mentioned in the previous paragraph, and my extra’s include additional exercise equipment for my legs and arms. I don’t especially care for free weights, so I leave those off of my “extra’s” list. 

Before long you will be surprised how the fitness routine becomes second nature, and how disappointed you feel when a day’s crazy schedule delays a visit to the gym. Have fun finding what exercise(s) keeps you interested in working out! Sometimes, having a friend to check-in with is the best motivation of all. You can keep each other accountable with your fitness goals and build a trusting friendship at the same time.

Good luck to you!

It’s time for me to go to the YMCA now …. I will check in again soon!   🙂

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